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Friday Pictures :-)

I know I should write up a bunch of stuff for my trip to Ohio, and to marcon (, and I will, but in little captioney things under the photos, ok?

Friday was -- Check-in
--Marshall Barnes seminar (and yes, I tried to take a picture, he said he was afraid I'd use it to incriminate him or something so he wouldn't let me take one. He ran away. And I was even in my little school girl outfit, looking like Jan Brady, as two guys agreed)
--Breaking in my black vinyl thigh high boots
--Rocky, by the Fishnet Mafia

They did the good old slip the condom onto the fruit devirginization.

I really could not believe that they stripped down the virgins to their underwear and then painted on them. Amazing. I need to move to Ohio, where there's no fear of prosecution.

This is an action shot, because I rule at taking pictures. They do a pledge and anthem, too, but it wasn't anything I'd heard before.

They did a pledge and anthem, that involved lots of groping. I liked it :-)

They did windshield wipers, too.

Here's Riff... that's all I've got.

I'm just gunna say that this was meant to be a picture of hat guy. I don't remember what it was really supposed to be of, but it turned out that this hat leaped in the way and ruined my shot. Damn you, hat. Damn you.

Look, dammit! They have a throne! And it's BLACK and SILVER and I love it.

The obligatory throne scene shot -- with AN ACTUAL THRONE! Bastards.

Frank, Magenta, Riff, and Rocky, all reminding me of my nice little Teaneck days.

The Rocky really reminded me of Tim. Alot, and that's weird, too. He jumped around, and was really like a muppet, with long hair, and way too much energy. For this scene, he dipped the frank, which was cute :-)
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